Options For Custom Roof Designs With Architectural Metal Roofing Installation

If you want to have a durable custom roof for your home, architectural metal can give you a lot of options. These materials can be custom fabricated to make your roof unique and stylish. The features can be custom tiles, standing seam roofing, and decorative details. The following architectural metal guide will help you choose the best details for your roof replacement project.

Custom-Fabricated Metal Roof Tiles

Installing custom fabricated tiles is one of the best options for architectural metal roofs. These tiles can be larger-sized and have decorative shapes. To install the custom-fabricated roof tiles, the contractor will give you some examples of tiles that can be fabricated, and then they can fabricate most of the tiles in a shop. This will ensure all the tiles are uniform and can easily be installed. Some of the cuts and other tiles will need to be fabricated on-site as the new roof is being installed on your home.

Custom Standing Seam Metal Roofs

There are also options for standing seam metal roofs, which can be fabricated and installed on-site. These are specially designed metal roofing systems that are durable and resistant to leaks that are common with other roofing systems. There are advantages to using a standing seam metal roof for your home, including:

  • Options for types of metals
  • Choice of sizes of roof sections between seams
  • Leak-resistant metal roof design

These are some of the advantages of using a standing seam metal roof. The architectural metal gives you more options for the finish and sizes of sections with a standing seam roof. These roofs are also low-maintenance because they do not have rubber seals and fasteners that can be a problem with other roofing systems.

Decorative Architectural Metal Details

In addition to the roofing systems, there may be other metal features you want to add to your home. Some of the decorative architectural features that you may want to add to the roof include:

  • Cupolas and small roof structures
  • Artistic metal sculptures
  • Custom metal fascia and moldings at eaves

These extra architectural metal details can be added to your home during the roof installation. You may want to ask the architectural metal contractor about materials that they have fabricated that can be installed on your home.

The custom roof designs with architectural metal materials will give your home a fresh new look. Contact an architectural roofing service and ask about these solutions for your new metal roof and other details.

For more information, reach out to an architectural sheet metal supplier.

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