Learn About Roof Leaks

Roofing leaks can be big or small. They can be minor or serious. They can require repairs or full roof replacement. This article is going to help you to learn more about roofing leaks, which will be helpful to you as a homeowner because it will be easier for you to know how to take better care of your roof, know what to look for with regards to roofing issues, and have a better understanding of what you may be facing with your roofing problems.

 Roof inspections are important

You should do your own roof inspections a couple of times a year. You want to walk around the home and look for signs of broken or damaged shingles, areas with mildew growth, areas where the gutters are damaged, areas where the eaves are damaged, or any other visibly obvious damage. You should also have a professional roofer come out every few years to do a complete inspection. They will go up on the roof and look at the entire thing to make sure there is nothing going on with the roof that needs to be addressed. 

Reasons roofs can leak

Cracked flashing - Flashing goes under the shingles in areas like in the valleys or on the joints to help create a more waterproof area. However, the flashing can end up cracking and when it does, then there can be leaks that will come from those areas. 

Missing shingles - Since the shingles are the top-most parts of the roof, spotting missing shingles should be obvious as long as they are missing from areas where you can see the shingles from the ground. Also, you may find shingles lying on the ground, which can alert you to some missing from the roof. When the shingles are missing, it can cause leaks. 

Damaged insulation around skylights - If you have skylights, then you can end up with leaks if the insulation around them is old and decaying. Also, if the skylight was installed incorrectly, then this could be something else that could result in leaks from the areas around the skylight. 

Call the roofer at the first signs of a leak

As soon as you notice any signs of leaking from your roof, call the roofer out. You don't want to put out a pan to catch leaks and figure you can put it off until it's more convenient to have it fixed. The problem can quickly get a lot worse and you can end up facing water damage and a lot of other issues. Speak with a professional who provides roof repair for more information. 

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