Flat Metal Roof Leaks & Replacement

Do your customers frown up their faces and complain about your building having a foul odor that they are unable to tolerate, while shopping? Does the odor smell like mildew or mold and is more noticeable on the top floor of your building? If so, there might be a leak that is located in the roof area, such as a damaged deck. You can begin diagnosing the problem by climbing to the top of the building to inspect the roof or you can hire a roofer to perform a more thorough inspection. This article provides a general explanation of things that should be known about a flat metal roof and water leaks that can lead to replacement being necessary.

A Long Period of Ponding Water

A common problem of metal roof owners is water sitting on them that doesn't go away for a long time. The problem is known is ponding water, and it should be a big concern, if it is happening on your roof. Basically, water can sit on the roof after it rains, but should evaporate or move off through drains in a short period of time. If water sits on the roof for a long time, it can mean that the metal materials are bent and in bad shape. You might need to get the materials replaced and possibly the deck, as well, if the water has been leaking through and causing problems on the inside on your store, but severe damage means that the roof will have to be replaced altogether.

Corrosion from Dissimilar Metals

Is there a combination of various metal types on your roof? When dealing with dissimilar metals, corrosion can take place and possible water leaks that damage the roof to the extent of needing to be replaced may be the result. Although many of the metals that are used for roof construction are resistant to corroding, it is usually only when they make contact with water and other elements. However, if various metals make contact, there can be a negative interaction that causes them to corrode. Rain gutters, fasteners, nails, and anything else that is made of metal can have a negative interaction with the metal panels on your roof.

Damaged or Missing Flashing

Flashing is commonly used on metal roofs to prevent leaks and moisture from damaging the deck. Flashing can also prevent leaks from occurring along the bottom edges of a chimney and other parts of a roof. It is possible for the flashing to become detached or damaged, due to making contact with strong wind or severe weather. A roofer can take a look at the flashing and let you know if you need to replace it or if getting the roof constructed is ideal, due to the extent of water damage that was caused.

If you have questions about what you an do to protect your roof or if you believe you may need to replace your roof, call a company like Durafoam Roofing LLC, today.

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