3 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Are you worried that your roof will start to leak this winter? Now that summer is over, are you wanting to get your roof checked out and possibly repaired so that it doesn't leak when spring rains begin? Although summer is prime roof-repair time for roofing companies, autumn is also a good time for people with potential leaks to get their roof fixed. But if you've never had to deal with this situation before, you may be confused about how to decide which company to choose. While an area may have anywhere from a handful of options to a few dozen choices, the basic premise is the same. Some things that you should ask to make sure that you've found the best company for your needs include the following:

Are you licensed? 

Not all states have a requirement that a roofing contractor must be licensed before being able to do roofing work. However, many counties or municipalities may have licensing requirements of their own. Whatever is required in your state, you should always make sure that anyone you hire has this so you know that they are with a legitimate company and not simply someone who knows how to hold a hammer.

What sort of warranty or guarantee do you offer? 

Every good roofing contractor will offer some sort of written warranty or guarantee on the work that they do. Some may only offer a 90-day or a 6-month guarantee, but for the best results, you should look for someone who offers a 1-year warranty. This ensures that your home will encounter all possible weather conditions local to your area and that any accidental defects will be caught in a timely manner. With a short 90-day warranty, there's a good chance that it may not rain during that timespan and you may not find out about leaks until it is too late.

How long will the repair or replacement take? 

Although some repairs may be completed in just a few hours, others may need a day or two, and full roof replacement could take a week or more once it starts. An experienced roofing contractor will be more than willing to explain exactly how long they expect the process to take and things that might add additional time to the estimate. For instance, if you've got dry rot that needs to be removed, it might take longer than initially expected to remove the damaged sections and replace them with new ones.

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