3 Big Signs You Need A New Roof

Your roof is the icing on the cake (or your house) and it's what helps keep everything together. If you are your own homeowner and you don't rent, then making sure that your roof is in good shape and condition is one of the best things that you can do. After all, if you have a roof that is in bad shape, it could cause further damage throughout your house. Other than speaking with a roofing contractor service, this article will list a few different signs that you need a new roof. Ready to learn a little bit more about what these signs are? Read on to learn some more. 

You Have Shingles In Your Yard

Have you noticed that after a big windstorm that you have shingles on your front or back lawn? When a roof isn't tacked down correctly or if it is old, then the shingles can start to tear up. Even though roofs aren't entirely wind resistant, if you notice more than a couple of shingles flying off of your roof then you probably need a new one. If you aren't sure about how many shingles that you have lost, contact a roofing contractor service to come to your house and see if they can tell how many shingles you are missing. 

You Have a Leak

Have you noticed that you have a leak coming in through your roof? No matter how small or large your leak is, it's still a really big indicator that you need a new roof. Make sure that you have the leak repaired as soon as possible because if it leaks all the way into your rafters then it may cause wood rot and further damage that's going to be more expensive and extensive later on for you. 

It Has Been 20 Years

Have you lived in your house for a really long time? When was the last time that it was replaced? If you have a traditional shingle roof, then they usually only last all the way up to twenty years but some only last 10 or 15, if it has been longer than this amount of time, then it's definitely time for you to at least have it inspected. 

Having your roof replaced may be very expensive but it's also one of the things that you should do as soon as possible if needed. To learn more, contact a company like Art Construction OF NW FL LLC.

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