3 Steps For Temporarily Patching Minor Damage To Your Shingled Roof

After a major storm, you may have noticed broken pieces of roofing shingles in your yard. After closer examination, you may have found damage that appears to be minor. If so, follow the three steps below to temporarily patch the damaged areas.

Step 1:  Remove Any Remaining Shingle Pieces

Once you have located the shingles that were damaged, the first step is to remove any remaining broken pieces. Be careful while doing this, since you could accidentally break one of the ones laying next to the shingle you are working on.

Use a small crowbar to gently pry the intact shingles from around the broken one. Then, pull the pieces straight out. If any are held on by a roofing nail, leave them until the next step. 

Step 2:  Nail In Or Take Out The Roofing Nails

The next step involves dealing with any nails that are sticking up. Before you do this, examine the underlying plywood. If it does not appear to have any rotten areas and is intact, remove the nails with the claw end of a hammer. At this point, you can also remove the remaining broken pieces of shingle.

However, if the plywood is wet and rotting, pulling out the nails could rip the wood fibers, creating a leak in your roof. Instead of removing the nails, gently hammer them until they are flush with the plywood. If there are any remaining broken shingle pieces, gently break them off from around the nail before driving them in.

Step 3:  Attach A New Or Used Shingle

Once you have removed the old shingle and dealt with the nails, it is time to attach a replacement shingle. If you find any shingles on the ground that are still in good shape, you can use them. If you're concerned about even slight damage, you may need to buy a small pack of shingles at a hardware store or home improvement center.

To attach the replacement shingle, position it under the top and side shingles around it. They should still be pried up from the first step. Then, gently hammer in the nails to secure the edges.

While the above steps can help you patch minor damage, they only serve as a temporary damage. For a more permanent solution, or if you find extensive storm damage, you'll want to contact a roofing company like Earl Hayes Roofing & Remodeling so they can inspect your roof and discuss with you any options available.

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