3 Qualities Of A Business That Makes It A Good Location For A Green Roofing System

When it comes to commercial roofing for your business building, there are all kinds of routes you could take. You could go with a traditional flat roof system, insulated metal panels, or even just plain old asphalt shingles. However, there is one type of roof that offers many advantages, but often gets overlooked as an option by the average business owner: a green roofing system. green roofing systems are created from layers of substrate, planting compound, and vegetation. They are highly insulative, low-maintenance, and good for the environment. Here are three qualities of your business that could tell you a green roofing system would be a good option.

Your business is situated in an urban area. 

Green roofs are good choices for businesses in all kinds of areas, but especially urban areas. In city neighborhoods and business districts where there is little sod or grass around, water runoff can be a huge problem when it rains. Green roofing systems help to absorb rainwater and prevent issues with water runoff on the sidewalks and streets. While this is primarily an advantage for the environment in a specific location, the business owner gets to reap the reward of making an environmentally friendly roofing choice and prevent problems with runoff surrounding their own building. 

Your business building has only a slightly slanted roof or a flat roof. 

Green roofing systems can only be installed on roofs that have a slight slant or are generally flat in structure. This is due to the fact that the green roofing system will not stay in place if the roof is heavily slanted. The angle of the roof can make it difficult for the layers of planting component and vegetation to grow and stay in place. Therefore, if your business has a traditional steepled roof with high angles, your business would not be a good candidate for a green roofing system. 

Your business has a structure that can support a green roofing system. 

One thing that can get in the way for a lot of business owners who want a green roof is the fact that the structure of their business building is not capable of supporting the extra weight. The fact is, green roofing systems are far more weighty than traditional roofing materials. Plus, green roofs have to be able to support the extra weight of water and moisture that is absorbed during rainy weather. Talk to a commercial roofing contractor to find out f the structure of your building can support the weight of a green roofing system. 

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