How to Prep and Plan for New Gutters

If it's time to put new gutters on your home, you can choose troughs that blend in with your home so they are nearly invisible, or you can choose decorative gutters that complement your home. You also get to choose between sectional and seamless gutters. In addition, you have a choice of gutter materials such as vinyl, aluminum, or wood. No matter what type of gutters you choose, they need to be installed properly so they work the way they should to protect your home from water. Here are some things to do before the installation begins.

Check Condition of Fascia Boards

Gutters attach to your home by screwing hooks into the fascia. If your roof is old, the fascia may be worn and rotted. Also, the wood may be damaged by insects or rodents. There may even be nests built inside the soffit behind the fascia boards. Even if the fascia and soffit are in good shape, they may have peeling paint or loose screens. So before ordering your gutters, be sure to check the condition of the fascia and replace the boards and paint if necessary. The gutter contractor or a roofer can do the job for you if you're not able to do it yourself.

Plan the Gutter-System Layout

Your contractor can help you decide on the layout of the gutter system. You probably want the downspout to be out of sight and to drain in an area where water won't get in the way. While you have input on the location of the downspouts, your contractor will also consider the length of the troughs and the system configuration to determine how many downspouts you need and where they should ideally be placed. For instance, if you have a long ranch home, you may need to have a downspout at each end of the trough. Or you might be able to have a single downspout placed in the middle of the trough with both ends draining toward it. The key to properly installing gutters is to slope them at just the right angle so water drains through the trough and out of the spout. That's why placement of the downspouts is about more than just visual appeal.

Choose the Best Gutters

The two biggest considerations when choosing the right gutters for your home are how the gutters look and how much maintenance they need. If you don't like to spend time on DIY chores around the home, then seamless gutters with screens on top might be your best choice since they need less maintenance. With no seams, there are fewer leaks. With screens on top, there are fewer leaves to deal with that clog up the system. Vinyl and aluminum are good choices because they won't need painting, whereas painted wood will peel, flake, and need to be maintained.

You can opt for a natural look with stained wood, or you can choose plain metal, dyed vinyl, or aluminum gutters with baked-on color. A wide range of colors is available so you can match your home's paint or add gutters of a contrasting color to give your home a creative touch. Talk to a company such as Alaka'i Raingutters & Supplies for more information. 

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