How To Replace Concrete Roof Tiles

If you have a broken concrete tile roof, you don't need to replace the whole roof. Concrete tile roofs are strong, but the tiles can still break. The first sign of broken tiles is usually a leak, which means the tiles should be fixed promptly to avoid further structural damage and mold.

A beginning DIY person should be able to replace the tiles. Here are some tips to replace concrete roof tiles.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • ladder or scaffold
  • safety harness
  • gloves
  • garbage bin
  • three pry bars
  • pliers
  • silicone caulk caulk gun
  • flashing
  • solvent and brush
  • nail gun and roofing nails (optional)
  • replacement concrete tiles

Set a ladder on sturdy ground, and wear rubber-sole shoes. Get a helper to hold the ladder as you go up and down, if needed, or tie a safety harness opposite the work area. Use a scaffold for two-story houses.

Ensure that the roof is safe to walk on before you attempt repairs. Inspect the roof to find how many tiles need replacing.

When you shop for tiles, you may not be able to find an exact color match, since manufacturers often change colors. Look for a color that blends with the roof color, and buy extra tiles.

Remove the Old Concrete Tiles

Toss broken tile pieces in the garbage bin. Slide the flat end of the pry bar under the broken tile until it raises off the roof, and leave the pry bar in place. The surrounding tiles will lift slightly.

Insert the flat end of a second pry bar under a tile on the top right. You may also use a piece of a broken tile or timber. Repeat on a tile to the top left. Insert the flat end of the pry bar under the damaged tile, and slowly lift it.

Remove any nails, and fill the holes with caulk. If the tile has adhesive, remove it by rubbing a small amount of solvent on the adhesive with a paint brush.

Install the New Concrete Tiles

Replace damaged flashing. Apply some silicone to the empty space; and on the underlap of the propped top right tile.

Press the new tile in place. The protruding part of the tile should snap in place on the wooden strips. If you live in a high-wind area, secure them with nails and a nail gun.

Take the pry bars form under the two adjacent tiles. The propped tiles should come down over the new tile. Repeat the process until all the tiles have been replaced.

Replacing tiles save on the cost of replacing the whole roof. If you don't trust your skill, or the roof is seriously damaged, contact a roofer.

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