Did You Buy a House With a Damaged Slate Roof? Why You Should Repair Instead of Replace

If you are purchasing an old home that has a slate roof with some minor damages, repairing the slate could be a better option than replacing the entire roof. Slate possesses a lot of benefits for the home, and it's a great material that you can count on over time.

To start the project you want to get an inspection of the property, and more than one inspection is best for you to find out if you're getting a fair price, and to see if the inspectors diagnose the same problems. Here is more info on why you should consider keeping the slate.

Slate Lasts a Century

When you are investing your money into the home and you have to pay to fix the roof, you want to choose a material that is worth the cost. Slate can last for a century on the property, which should surpass the time that you are the owner of the home. This is far longer than asphalt shingles or wood shakes.

Slate is Efficient and Saves You Money

 Slate is a cool roofing material recommended by the Department of Energy, and it's efficient and saves money in the following ways:

  • keeps the home cool in summer months by blocking UV rays from penetrating the house
  • insulates the home to keep heated air inside during the winter
  • stops air loss during the summer months to keep air conditioned air inside

These savings are going to lower utility costs and help to conserve your use of natural resources.

Long Term Financial Benefits

The slate has other long term financial benefits. The material is impact and fire resistant so you can save on your homeowner's insurance with this durable product, and by preventing damages. Repairing and keeping the slate is also going to improve your home value, and it's going to benefit your property's chances of selling at a higher price later on.

If you have purchased a home and you know that the slate roof has some damages, find a slate repair expert in your area to get the target problems repaired. Repairing the roof and keeping such a high quality material on your own is going to be a great option financially, because you're choosing to invest your money into a material that is going to cut down your living costs and improve the strength and value of your property. Start researching costs and getting estimates right away. 

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