Snow Guard Installation Tips To Protect Your Metal Roof's Gutter System

The fact that metal roofs are smooth usually increases gutter damage when it is snowing. This is because these roofs usually allow the snow to slough off almost at once and at a pace that is guaranteed to cause maximum damage to the gutter system. In such cases, slowing down snow movement and breaking down the sheets of snow into less-likely-to-cause-damage pieces is a must if you want to increase the lifespan of your gutter. This is where snow guards come in handy. When properly installed in a metal roof, these roof add-ons are usually effective when it comes to both cutting up and slowing down snow. The following are installation tips that will help maximize the protection that snow guards provide to your gutters.

Use the correct number of snow guards

Snow guards work by literally standing in the way of moving snow. Since snow moves at a slower pace in low-sloped roofs, the amount of snow guards needed to protect the roof's gutters is limited. On steep roofs, the rate at which snow sloughs off is higher. As a result, more force is needed to slow down this movement. This is something that is achieved by adding more snow guards on the roof. In fact, to guarantee total gutter system protection, using multiple sets of staggered snow guards in recommended. Doing this will not only ensure that the snow sloughs off a steep roof at manageable speeds but also increase the lifespan of your snow guards since the impact of the moving snow will be distributed across the different snow guard sets.

Mind the exterior load-bearing wall

By reducing the rate at which the snow moves, snow guards usually encourage accumulation of snow. Making sure that the area surrounding the snow guard has enough support is therefore prudent. This is because if it doesn't have a strong-enough structural support system, the weight of the accumulated snow can force the area to cave in.

When installing snow guards, you should avoid installing them in the area below the exterior load-bearing wall of your house. This is because this area has little-to-no structural support. As a result, the weight of any snow that accumulates around the ice guards is likely to cause this area to crumble. This may then force the accumulated snow directly onto your gutter system hence not only forcing your gutter's hangers to stretch, but also causing tears that will reduce its ability to effectively guide rain water away from your home's foundation.

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