3 Steps To Replace Shingles That Have Been Blown Off During A Storm

With the rain that comes on a summer afternoon, comes wind that can cause damage to the roof of your home. Even though the storm damage to your home may not be severe, problems like missing shingles are issues that you will want to address to prevent more serious issues like water damage. Replacing a shingle or two is something that you can easily do on your home. Here are the steps you will want to take to replace any shingles that have been blown off your home:

1. Removing Any Materials Left From The Missing Shingles

Missing shingles may not always be completely gone. When you get on your roof to do the repairs, there may be materials still nailed to the roof. Use a flat bar to remove any of this debris by sliding it under the shingles above the missing shingles. Also, lift up the tabs of the shingles and look for nails that are sticking up and remove them to ensure they do not cause holes on your roof later.

2. Sliding The New Shingle In Place To Patch The Area Where Shingles Are Missing

Once you have cleaned up the area where a new shingle needs to be installed, you can install a new one in the vacant space. Use a flat bar to lift the tabs on the shingles above the repairs. If they are stuck down, slide the bar from side to side to break the seal on the shingles. Once you have the tabs loose, take the new shingle and slide it in the space where there is a shingle missing. You can slide it in sideways, so it easily slides in place.

3. Nailing The Shingles In Place And Making Sure That They Are Sealed Down

When the new shingle is in place, you will be ready to nail it down. Use roofing nails to nail the shingle at the line just above the strip of asphalt tape. Use a few nails to hold the shingle in place and place the tabs on the above shingles down. If they are not sticking to the new shingle, heat the strip of the shingle with asphalt to get it to stick down on the repair.

These are the steps you will want to take to replace any shingles that have been blown off your home during a summer storm. If you have more damage than you can repair on your home, contact a roof repair contractor to help with some of these issues and inspect your roof for other problems or a roof replacement for extensive damage. 

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