Why Cedar Shake Roofing Materials Should Be Used To Replace Your Existing Roof

When you are in the market for a brand new roof, it may feel overwhelming with all the different materials that you have to select from. A roofing material that you might have overlooked in the past are cedar shake shingles. It's a great choice for replacing a roof for the following reasons.

Visual Aesthetics

Cedar shake will have a natural, warm beauty that is difficult to find with competing materials that are man-made. Every shingle has slight variations to it, making every roof look unique when compared to others. The cedar shingles will start off with a color that is a brown or honey hue and will turn to a gray after years of being weathered and exposed to the elements.


If you are looking for strength in your roofing material, know that cedar shake is very strong. Expect to get as much as 50 years with cedar shake shingles, while asphalt will only last between 15 and 30 years. It will help ensure that you won't need to think about reroofing your home for a long time.

Resistance To Damage

The strength of cedar shake roofing material also makes it resistant to all kinds of weather, including hail. The heavy weight of the shingle also makes them less likely to be torn off a roof due to high winds. In addition, the material naturally resists damage from ultraviolet rays and insects.

Insulation Properties

The thick shingles will help keep the heat in your house during cold winters. When it gets hot in the summer, you won't have to deal with the shingles absorbing heat from the sun, which is a common problem with metal or asphalt shingles. This helps reduce your heating and cooling costs, saving you money over the years.

Curb Appeal

When you add a roofing product to your house as beautiful as cedar shake roofing, it will improve the curb appeal of your home. If you are looking to sell your home in the near future, it could make your home look more appealing to a potential buyer. When you combine that with the materials durability, a buyer will know they won't need to think about replacing the roofing for a while too.

These are just a few benefits of cedar shake roofing. For more information, contact AJ Shirk Roofing Company LLC or a similar company. They can supply you with a price quote specific to your home.

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