Special Considerations When Choosing A Roofing Material For A Spanish Colonial Bungalow

Spanish colonial bungalows have an eclectic style that mixes the small, rectangular bungalow structure with classical old world colonial elements and a Spanish flair. Features include large arched windows, stucco walls, and a modified gable roof with very slight slopes. Decorative elements can include wrought-iron grating and an engraved wooden front door.

If you own a Spanish colonial bungalow that needs a new roofing material, you can make the selection process easier with a couple of questions you can discuss with your roofing contractors.

Do You Want to Stick with the Traditional?

Spanish-influenced homes typically have red clay roofs and the Spanish colonial bungalow is no exception. This roofing material is traditional because it is used in Spain and because the red color of the tile pairs well with the stark stucco siding.  The flattened gable roof typically has enough bracing to support the weight of the tile since the house style was built with a tile roof in mind.

Don't feel like you have to stick with clay tile just because of tradition. If you don't like the look of clay tile roofing, or the material far exceeds your roofing budget, you can go with another material without worrying that you will somehow decrease the visual value of your home or stamp out the Spanish elements.

Do You Need to Watch Your Budget Closely?

Clay tile, as mentioned, is one of the costlier roofing materials around and the cost can put the tile out of the budget range for many homeowners. If you have major roofing issues and an extremely tight budget, you can go with asphalt composite shingles as your roofing material. But if you have a bit more money to spend, wood roofing will look better on your style of home.

Wood shakes have a rustic, textured look that almost looks like a blockier version of clay tiles once installed. The wood can come stained red-toned natural colors that can also help offset the stucco siding color in the same way as the clay tiles.

Your wooden roofing may require a bit more maintenance and upkeep than clay tiles. That's because wood, unlike clay, can expand and contract with temperature changes and these movements can cause the wood to warp with time and repeated stress. But working closely with a roofing contractor like Pyramid Roofing Inc can minimize the long-term problems associated with wood roofing and can help you catch and repair problems that occur.

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