Why Fiber Cement Siding Is A Great Choice For Your Home

When renovating your home, you may be overwhelmed at your choices when it comes to siding. While you can go with a traditional and safe choice like vinyl, there are other materials out there you may be considering. Fiber cement siding is a viable alternative to vinyl that has several benefits that makes it worth considering.


The fiber cement material is made with wood pulp and cement. It helps give the material durability that is similar to masonry, while also having an appearance that is similar to wood. Thankfully, it does not have the same problems as wood siding, since fiber cement siding won't be susceptible to rot or termite damage.

Fiber cement siding will also be fire-resistant, and withstand extreme weather conditions. It will not dent or warp like aluminum or vinyl siding either. You can expect to not have to do much maintenance to this material for a while.


Are you the type of homeowner that changes the look of their home up every couple years? If so, fiber cement could be a great choice for a home. You are able to paint the material quite easily, which makes it easy to change up the look of your home when you want to.

You can also paint fiber cement whatever color you want, unlike with vinyl. That's because vinyl siding must be a lighter color, which is to prevent it from collecting heat and then warping. Aluminum siding will have a similar problem, with the addition of it being difficult to paint aluminum due to the chalky residue that forms over time.

You can paint fiber cement using acrylic based paint or purchase a variety of siding with the color mixed into the material during manufacturing. This will help it resist fading and chipping, helping the color last for years to come.


Expect to pay approximately $3-$4 for a square foot of fiber cement. For comparison, this is a similar price when compared to aluminum or vinyl siding but less than wood siding. When looking at the cost, also consider the future expenses to repair and maintain the material over its lifespan.

If you think that fiber cement siding is a great choice for your home, contact a siding contractor, such as Buffalo Roofing. They can come out to your home to give you an estimate for how much fiber cement siding will cost for your home.

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