Opening A Store Or Plant In The Northwest U.S.? What Are Your Best Roofing Options?

If you've recently decided to move your retail or manufacturing business from your home to its own storefront, you may find that budget constraints have you looking more at fixer-uppers than move-in-ready locations. And with the rainy and often humid climate of much of the northwestern U.S., replacing a leaking or damaged roof can often take top priority over other necessary repairs. If you've been able to snag a below-market property in need of a new roof, what are your most cost-effective options that can stand the test of time? Read on to learn more about your best long-term roofing replacement options for the Pacific Northwest. 

Recycled aluminum or steel

Depending on the size of your roof and the structural supports in place, either recycled aluminum or recycled steel panels can be a durable and long-lasting option. Aluminum panels are made of layers of compressed aluminum, allowing them to remain lightweight while repelling water and avoiding rust. Despite their relatively low weight, these recycled aluminum panels are strong and resistant against just about anything the elements can offer, from large hail pellets to flying branches and other debris.

Recycled steel panels are heavier than aluminum panels (therefore requiring solid support beams that can transfer this weight to the outside walls of your home), but offer many of the same durability and rust-resistance benefits. As long as you make an effort to keep leaves and pine needles from accumulating on the surface of your roof for long periods of time, you should be able to go forward with minimal other maintenance for decades to come. 

Cedar shake shingles

There's a good reason you see so many quaint older cabins with cedar roofs -- when properly maintained, these shake shingles can last 100 years or more. If your building is small enough (or tall enough) to have a peaked roof rather than a flat one, these shingles may be a great long-term option. Shake shingles manufactured locally are made from the same types of weather-resistant cedar trees that have dominated woods and roadsides for centuries, and purchasing locally can help you avoid hefty freight or transport charges to trek these shingles across the country. 

Cedar shake shingles are particularly built to handle the Pacific Northwestern's climate, and are naturally insect- and mold-resistant. As long as your roof is kept clean and free of debris, you should be able to enjoy decades without major roof repairs or another replacement.

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