Hire Professional Roofers And Avoid Problems

When leaks or other problems become obvious, calling on a commercial roofing company to fix the damage is absolutely recommended. A professional roof installation and repair business is going to be the much better choice than unlicensed freelance contractors who offer discount rates. There are too many question marks associated with the freelance "gig economy" roofers. Calling on a legitimate, professional roofing company improves the odds the work will be done right and decreases a host of liabilities and pitfalls associated with non-professionals.

Averting Insurance Exclusions

An established roofing company most likely has insurance to cover any damage to a home or injuries to a worker. When hiring unlicensed freelancers, a homeowner might have to assume all liabilities for injuries if the homeowner's insurance policy exclusions dictate such. A homeowner could buy his/her own insurance policy to cover the liability for the work being done, but few non-professionals even think of or know about these things.

Procuring Warranties and Guarantees

The work performed by a legitimate roofing company is sure to come with a clear warranty and guarantee. So, if something goes wrong within a set time period such as a leak occurring after a section of the roof has been replaced, a repair job will be done for free under the warranty. A ten-year guarantee means the roof is promised to last for a decade without needing to be replaced due to wear. A person who does side jobs is hardly in a position to provide reliable warranties and guarantees. Hence, the homeowner has to cover all repairs on any shoddy work the freelancer performed.

Avoiding Homeowners Insurance Denials

Improperly or inadequately repairing a roof after receiving a homeowners insurance settlement could mean any future damage is excluded by the policy. So, if a leaking roof ruins the interior drywall due to improper repair work, the homeowner is stuck for the bill. The insurance company may ask for records of the repair work done. A legitimate company is going to keep copies or documents of work performed. Getting proof from a freelancer is going to be impossible if he/she moved out of town with no forwarding address.

Performing A Proper Inspection

In regards to learning the extent of the damage, a homeowner has to rely on the assessment of the roofer. A freelancer may not properly determine the full extent of the damage and just patch a few holes or lay down some tar. Yet, the proper diagnosis should have been a roof replacement. The homeowner may assume things are fine when, in reality, a major snowstorm or a hurricane could tear the roof apart.

The bottom line is stick with professional roofing companies, such as A1 Complete Remodeling. They will do the job right and keep homeowners out of trouble.

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