Best And Worst Roofing Materials For A Mission Style Bungalow

Mission Style Bungalows have the small, geometric layout of a traditional bungalow but amp up the style with some Spanish-inspired ornamentation. Features of the stucco-sided style included arched accents above the windows and an arched entryway leading to the recessed front door. Smaller Mission bungalows have a single gable roof while larger bungalows with asymmetrical shapes might have multiple gable roofs facing in different directions.

Gable roofs have two steep sides that slant upwards towards a peak. Understanding the gable roof, and elements of the Mission bungalow, can help determine the best and worst roofing materials for your roofing project. Discuss your options in further detail with your roofing contractors.

Best: Clay Tiles

Clay tile roofs are almost the default roofing on homes with a Spanish influence because the warm red coloration of the tile pairs well with the soft colored stucco siding. The tiles have a textured look that can also add more dimension and visual interest to the otherwise plain gable roofs.

Clay tiles require little maintenance and are fairly durable with the only major threats being collision damage from projectiles blowing in the wind or hail and the possibility of an untrained roofer breaking tiles while walking on the roof. The tiles have quite a bit of weight, which can prove too much for gable roofs with little support built-in but Mission Style homes typically have the additional supports already in place.

Good: Wood Shakes

Want to save some money on your roofing project or don't like the look of clay tile? Wood shakes provide an attractive, lower-cost alternative. The thick-cut shakes install in a textured pattern that adds similar visual interest as clay tiles. Wood roofing also comes in a variety of stain colors including warm tones that can add a more mellow pop of color than the clay tiles.

Wood does have more maintenance required than clay tiles. Insect damage is possible with wood material and the wood can warp over time when exposed to harsh temperatures during the winter or summer. But upkeep and spot repairs can keep the problems from becoming overly serious.

Worst: Metal Roofing

Metal roofing fabrication has made this material a growing option for modern home projects. But the metal roofing still has a bit of an industrial look and is best used on roofs that have drainage or waterproofing concerns, which isn't the case with the Mission Style bungalow and its naturally draining gables.

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