3 Roofing Repairs That Can Stop Leaks While Waiting On A Roof Replacement

Asphalt shingles are only meant to last so many years, and eventually you will need to have your roof replaced. This is not always something that you can do right when it is needed. This can be due to a budget or because it may take some time for a roofing contractor to get to your home to do repairs. This is why there are some repairs that you may need to do yourself. To help make your roof make it a little longer, here are some repairs that you may want or need to do on your own:

1. Tarping Severe Damage And Waiting On Roofing Repairs To Be Done

When the damage to your roof is too big to handle, you may just want to add a tarp to temporarily prevent any leaks. To do this, find the area of your roof with the damage and get a tarp that is large enough to cover any damaged materials. Install the tarp at the top of the roof and at the bottom. To fasten the top, slide the tarp under the bottom of shingles or tiles to ensure water drains onto the tarp. Nail the tarp down with roofing nails or button caps (nails with plastic on the heads).

2. Replacing A Missing Or Damage Roofing With A New One Until Further Repairs

There are many things that can cause roofing to be missing or damaged. Often with wind and storms, there may be missing shingles or tiles. If there is only one or two that need replacing, you may want to replace the missing materials yourself. You just need to remove what is left of the old shingle or shake and slide a new one in its place. This can be a good solution if you do not have access to a tarp for this light damage. When you replace your roof, it is a good idea to order extra materials to do these repairs.

3. Using Roofing Cement To Patch Small Holes Or Tears In Damaged Shingles

Sometimes, the roof of your home may have holes in it, which can be caused by nails, foot traffic and weather. Sometimes, the repairs like this can easily be done with a dab of roofing cement. If you know where the problem is, generously apply roofing cement to seal the leak. This can also be done in areas where there may be tears and other problems.

These are some roofing repairs that you have to do on your own. If you need help with repairs to make your roof last a couple mope days, contact a roofing contractor and talk with them about helping your with some of these repairs your roof needs. For more information, visit websites like http://www.threeriversroofing.net/.

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