Making Metal Roof Repairs? Avoid These Common DIY Mistakes

A metal roof is easily one of the roofing types that has the longest lifespans, which is why so many homeowners still choose metal over other forms today. However, when your metal roof starts to get up there in years, you are bound to start seeing a few problems. While it is always ideal to have your home's roof replaced as soon as trouble becomes apparent, you may be left waiting until you have the funding to do so. Therefore, you could be making a few repairs to your metal roof to prolong its life. If you do have an outdated metal roof in need of repairs, there are a few common DIY mistakes to avoid in the process. 

Don't buy a replacement sheet without a color sample. 

So you take a look at your metal roof and plainly see that it  is green, tan, beige, or brown, and assume going to pick up a single panel the same color will be no big deal. What you will likely be surprised to find when you actually go to buy a sheet of metal roofing, is that there can be numerous shades of one roofing color. Color hues and shades can be subtly different between one manufacturer to the next, and if you just grab a sheet of metal that looks the same, you could end up with one section of roofing that is completely the wrong color. Use a pair of metal shears to snip off a piece of the old metal roof to take with you and match for the right color.

Don't simply paint your roof with any kind of paint.

It is true that adding a layer of good paint to an aging metal roof will likely prolong its life. This action prevents corrosion and can even fill in tiny pinholes, cracks, and fissures in the surface of the metal. However, not just any old paint should be slathered onto your metal rooftop because not all paints are designed for this type of use. Interior paint types will often just bubble up and wash away. If you do want to paint your metal roof, go with a high-quality exterior paint.

Don't use the wrong type of fasteners to attach loose metal panels. 

The fasteners of the metal roofing system are often the first thing to start to deteriorate or breakdown with age. This deterioration can lead to some metal panels breaking loose or curling up. Before you grab a box of screws and go after these loose panels, you should know that there is a specific type of screws you should be using. Look for solid steel screws that are self-tapping, which means they have an anchor at the base that secures the drilled fastener into place once fully inserted. 

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