Up Top: Exploring Tile Roofs

When it's time for a new roof, the same old asphalt shingle roof is not the only choice. If you live in a warmer climate, you may have admired the look of tile roofs. Tile offer an attractive, long-lasting option for roofs, and may be a choice that you will only have to make once. Read on to learn more about what tile roofs can do for your home.

What can a tile roof do for your home?

1. It will last a very long time. Once you begin researching tile roofing materials, you may be shocked to see how long manufacturers warranty their tile roofing materials: as long as 50 years in some cases. Tile roofs are made to last, and could the last roof you ever need install on your home, depending on your age. This fact does somewhat offset the initial higher expense of using tile as a roofing material.

2. It is fire resistant. In fact, the creation of building codes are due in part to stipulations that tile be used as a fire-resistant roofing choice after entire cities burned to the ground. Tile roofs have been in use for thousands of years, and are the longest lasting roofing material available.

3. It is weather resistant. Normally, the blazing sun, pounding rain and the impact of hail can damage an asphalt roof, but not a tile roof. On the negative side, however, flying tiles borne by hurricane force winds present a definite danger to surrounding areas.

Two types of tile to choose from.

You can choose either traditional clay tiles or go with concrete tiles, both of which last longer than any other roofing material available.

1. Traditional clay tiles are the longest lasting of two and are very color fast, which is a consideration in hot sunny climates. Kiln-fired tiles are the most colorfast of all.

2. Concrete tiles are quite a bit less expensive than traditional clay and are available in a far wider variety designs and colors than the traditional terracotta orange shade of traditional clay tiles.

No matter what kind of tile you choose, you can expect your home to increase in value and for your curb appeal to rocket. After installation, you can relax and enjoy many, many years without having to worry about your roof again. Talk to a roofing company to learn even more about this attractive, durable and worry-free roofing choice. 

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