Safety Tips During Gutter Cleaning

Summer is fast coming to a close, so it may be a good time to consider checking the state of your gutters. Leaves and twigs could easily clog your gutters, causing rainwater and thawing ice to get dumped on your foundation. This is not only dangerous because it can weaken the structure of your home and flood your basement, but it could also pose a health hazard by promoting mold growth in your home.

The first duty of gutter maintenance is proper cleaning so as to remove any obstructions. Read on to learn simple safety measures you should put in place while performing this vital task so as to avoid injury or damaging your gutters.

Ladder safety

Typically, you will require a ladder to comfortably reach and clean your gutters. Unfortunately, ladders are dangerous tools that can easily lead to a serious injury if you slip or tumble over. That is why it is important to be extra cautious while using a ladder.

First, inspect the ladder for cracked or loose steps and have them firmly secured or replaced. Next, inspect the conditions on the gutters to ensure there is no water/ice present, as this could lead to the ladder slipping and sending you into a dangerous tumble.

You should also ensure you have someone to secure the base of the ladder while you are on it. Alternatively, consider investing in a safety harness to prevent you from falling to the ground in case of a ladder accident. Finally, do not fall into the temptation of reaching out as far as possible while cleaning your gutters in an attempt to avoid moving your ladder on multiple occasions. This could cause the ladder to fall over, so be sure to take your time and reposition the ladder to get you closer to dirty sections of the gutters.

Wear protective clothing

You never know what may be lurking beneath the debris in your gutters, so be sure to wear eye protection to keep you safe from wasps, birds, bees or other pests. You should also wear heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands from pests, jagged gutter edges, sharp twigs and bacteria filled dirt.

Finally, be sure to wear non-slip work boots that will offer a solid grip while on the ladder and protect your feet from loose nails, missing shingles and other threats.

The tips above can help ensure that your gutter cleaning goes on safely. Be sure have loose hangers and damaged gutters repaired by a professional roofer, like Cloise & Mike Construction Inc, to reduce the risk of falling debris/gutters and make gutter cleaning easier.

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