3 Ways To Tarp Roof Damage While Waiting On Repairs To Be Done To Your Home

When a storm comes through your town and leaves your roof like Swiss cheese, it may need to be tarped while waiting on repairs. This can be something that you can contact a roofer to help you with, or you may need to do the job yourself to keep leaks at bay. Here are some of the different ways that you can tarp a roof that has storm damaged and protect your home from leaks while you wait on repairs to be done:

1. Fastening A Tarp To A Small Section Of Roof Beneath Shingle Tabs

The tarp for your roof may only need to be fastened to a small section to keep the water out. This is easily done by fastening the tarp beneath the tabs of shingles located above the damage. Use a flat-bar to work the shingles up and lift the tabs, and then, nail the top of the tarp with button-cap nails (nails that have a wide plastic button on the head). At the bottom, do the same thing to cover keep the tarp tied down to the roof.

2. Draping The Tarp Over The Ridge Of Your Roof To Cover Extensive Damage

If the roof of your home has damage in multiple different areas, then you will probably want to install a larger tarp. Rather than fastening the tarp beneath tabs of shingles, use the larger tarp to drape over the roof. If you do not want to put holes in shingles with nails, doing this can allow you to use rope to tie the tarp to your home and keep shingles that are in good shape, free of holes.

3. Using Lumber To Secure Roof Tarps For More Protection From Wind And Water

In some situations, there may still be the danger of storms and high winds, which you may want to fasten the tarps down with something more heavy duty than nails or rope. You can use boards to fasten the tarp down to the roof, which can be done by lifting tabs of shingles up and nailing a board to the tarp. Do this around all the edges of the tarp to prevent wind from getting beneath it and ripping it off.

These are some of the ways that you can add a tarp to your damaged roof and temporarily stop leaks. If you have a roof that has been damaged, contact a roofing contractor, likeKelley Roofing, to help with repairs and ensure that the emergency tarp is correctly installed on your roof. 

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