Think Your Roof Needs Repair Or Replaced? Consider These High-Efficiency Options

If you have patches on your roof where the shingles are missing and there is work that needs to be done, there are some upgrades you want to consider making while the roofing contractor is at your home. You want to get the damages repaired, but it may be time to repair some things throughout the roofing system.

Replacing the shingles may not be enough to make the roof as great as it can be, and making some other improvements can make your home more efficient. Look into the following options.

Solar Panels

If you have sections of the roof that need new shingles, ask if you could have solar panels put on instead. Solar panels can be used to help provide electricity throughout the home, and they will help protect your roof. Talk with a roofing contractor and an electrician to find out how much this will cost, and what work will need to be done to the roof to make it happen.

New Insulation

New insulation composed of polyurethane foam can do a lot to lower heating and cooling costs, it helps to prevent water from leaking into the attic above the home, and it absorbs sound. Talk with the roofing contractor to see how much it's going to cost to have new insulation sprayed throughout the roof while they are doing work on the home, and ask how it's going to help support the structure.

Metal Paneling

If the roofing contractor thinks that the shingles on the home are worn, blistered or damaged beyond repair, and there isn't water or insect damage, you may be able to go over the shingles with metal paneling. The metal paneling is a cool roofing system that is ecological, durable, and looks modern and great on the home. This system is long lasting and you may get a tax rebate for making the update.

If you know there are patches on the roof that look bad or are missing shingles, and you think that your heating and cooling bills are climbing because the air is lost through the roof of your home, it's time to make changes. There are a lot of different ways that you can improve the roof, but if you have to replace it you'll want to see if you can get some solar panels for the top, along with new insulation and some high-quality metal roofing panels.

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