2 Considerations When Choosing A Roofing Material For A Craftsman Bungalow

Craftsman Bungalows have a classic, simple shape with accents that help the home blend into nature. The one-story, narrow homes feature traditional wood or updated vinyl siding often in shades of natural brown or green. The roofed front porch spans about half the width of the front of the home but still provides ample room for a swing or small seating set. Craftsman homes have moderate slope gable roofs on both the main house and the porch.

If you own a Craftsman Bungalow home that needs roof repairs or replacements, understanding the home's style and the roof shape can help you choose the best materials with your roofing contractors.

Do You Want to Stick with Traditional Craftsman Materials?

Craftsman homes traditionally had wood shingles, which paired well with the wood siding. Wood shingles come from cedar wood that is pressed so that the shingles have a somewhat smooth surface but the thickness of the material still creates a textured look once the shingles are installed.

Wood shingles are sold in a variety of stain shades. If your siding does have the traditional brown or green color, try to pick a stain shade that matches the undertone – whether warm or cool – of the siding but doesn't match the siding exactly. Too close of a match can blur the visual lines of the home and make your bungalow look even smaller.

Keep in mind that wood shingles can suffer warping damage over time if you live in an area that has freezing winters and sweltering summers. Wood is also vulnerable to insect infestation and damage. But keeping an eye on the material, particularly after bad weather, can help you catch problems as they occur and do spot repairs where necessary.  

Does Your Home Receive Strong Winds from the Sides?

Wood isn't the only traditional roofing material for a Craftsman Bungalow. Composite shingles, also called asphalt shingles, were common on the original builds. Asphalt shingles do have a variety of selling points, but first you need to make sure your home doesn't receive strong winds on the sides where the slanted roof edges are located.

The sloping sides of a gable roof can amplify oncoming wind. Asphalt is a lightweight roofing material vulnerable to wind damage. So you need to make sure your home has windbreaks on the sides, such as nearby neighbors, or your asphalt shingles could come loose or break.

If you do have windbreaks, asphalt can save you some money on project costs and long-term maintenance since asphalt requires less work to upkeep than wood. 

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