How To Repaint Your Soffit And Fascia Boards

Are you looking for a cost-effective DIY project that will actually have an effect on the value of your home? If so, you should consider repainting your roofline. By simply repainting and refinishing your soffit and fascia boards, you can make the rest to your roof and the main sidewalls of your house look newer. You can completely change the dynamic of your color scheme with this simple project. Most people who don't have the time or money to paint their exterior sidewalls find that, by changing the color of their soffit and fascia boards, they can affordably update the style of their exterior walls.

Prepping and Repairing the Wood

Before you start to repaint or stain your soffit and fascia boards, you need to do a little bit of basic repair to the wood. Often, if your wood is in good shape, you just need to lightly sand the surface to make it consistently smooth so the new stain will dry evenly. However, if the wood is rotted out or warped, you might need to take on some more serious repair. Using little bit of wood putty and a power sander you can easily patch and reseal exposed wood grains. The most common problem area of the roofline is usually the corner where the beveled edges of the soffit and fascia boards meet. If water builds up on the inside, it can cause these two pieces of wood to separate. If this is the case with your roofline, you should reinforce this edge with adhesive, waterproof caulk (not just wood putty).

Painting the Wood

Since the soffit and fascia boards are so narrow, it is quicker to paint them by hand instead of using a spray gun. You can use a small roller to help cover the majority of the wood, but you will need to use a paint brush to hit the tight corners and get close to the roof material. Since the roofline is exposed to the elements, it is always a good idea to apply a fresh coat of primer before painting it. Primer will seal the wood and help ensure that the new paint job will last longer.

Refinishing and repainting your soffit and fascia will do much more than just make your roofline look newer and cleaner. It can also help to maintain the structural integrity of your roofline. These boards are particularly important if there is a seamless gutter attached.

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