Do You Want To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Metal Roof's Gutters? Invest In Snow Guards

The fact that metal roofs are usually smooth means that snow tends to slough off their surfaces almost immediately. During heavy snow days, this slough-off-all-at-once process is usually overwhelming for a metal roof's gutters.  The weight of the sliding snow can cause the hangers to overextend and parts of the gutters to bend. This may then compromise the gutter's ability to collect and guide rain water to the downspouts.

Snow guards and gutter system protection

Snow guards usually help to protect a metal roof's gutters by slicing up the snow into manageable bits. This then prevents the snow from sloughing off at once since the different pieces will move at different rates.

There is also the fact that snow guards installed near the end of a metal roof will encourage the formation of an ice dam. This then slows up the rate at which the snow moves off the roof. As a result, they help to reduce the amount of snow-caused pressure that the gutters are under at any given time and thus slow down the rate at which the gutters deteriorate.

Given the role that these metallic roof add-ons come with, their continued presence on your roof is necessary if your gutters are to survive winter. The following are snow guard installation tips that you can use to ensure lasting gutter protection.

Clean the roof surface before installing glue-down snow guards

Unlike clamp-on snow guards, glue-down snow guards don't rely on clamps to stay in place. They usually rely on adhesives. Poor installation usually leads to premature tearing off of the guards and thus leaving your gutters vulnerable to snow damage.

To ensure better bonds develop between the snow guard and your metallic roof, it is imperative that you clean your metal roof's surface. Doing so will prevent dust particles and other debris from coming in between the adhesive and your roof. It will therefore guarantee complete bonding to the metal surface, something that will then increase the staying power of the guards.

Don't use less-than-necessary snow guards

Snow guards work by literally standing in the way of moving snow. Having less than the required number of snow guards will put undue pressure on the already-installed guards. This will accelerate the rate at which the metal-guard bonds break and thus exposing your gutters to damage.

Adding additional snow guards to your metal roof will take off some of the pressure on the already-installed guards. This pressure distribution will reduce the effect that the snow's weight has on the bonding of individual guards. It will make for a gentler snow-stopping process and thus increasing the lifespan of the snow guards.

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