Best Roofing Materials For 3 Styles Of Modern Homes

Modern homes, despite the name, are not hyper-modern houses that feature state of the art materials. The style rather includes some of the simplistic house styles that became popular in the United States during various post-war eras when building money was tight. Recognizing the different types of modern homes and the roof style associated with each type can help you choose the best roofing material for your home.

Here are a few of the roofing options you can discuss with your roofing contractors.

Minimal Traditional

Minimal traditional homes, also called minimal modern, arose in the period after the Great Depression. The homes ooze simplicity with a one story, small structure with wood or brick siding and no ornamentation beyond potential window shutters. The roof is a low to moderately pitched version of the gable roof, which has two sides that rise to meet at the peak. On a minimal traditional home, the sides of the roof are usually on the front and back of the house.

Keep your roofing project simple and budget-friendly by choosing asphalt shingles. The lightweight asphalt comes in several different colors to best match your décor style and can come fabricated with a texture resembling wood, though you shouldn't use faux wood if your home has real wood siding as the fakeness will be more apparent.

If you do have wood siding on your home, consider using the same material on your roof with wood shakes or shingles. Make sure you choose a stain color that's distinct from your siding or your home will look too monochromatic and drab. Shakes have more texture and a rustic look while shingles have a smoother, pressed look that suit simplistic design styles.


Ranch styles are another simple, one-story house design but here the home is longer than it is wide and can have wings that create an L-shape or U-shape. The visual interest to the home rests mostly in the shuttered, double-hung windows and potential sliding glass doors. The siding is typically wood or brick and the roof has a low-pitched gable style with additional gables on any wings.

Wood pairs well with the wooden siding while asphalt pairs well with either. You could also consider metal roofing due to the valleys that can form when two gabled wings connect together. Metal offers great waterproofing and drainage assistance. The material comes in shingles dyed a variety of colors so that you won't have a roof that looks like it belongs on a factory or shed. 

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