What Affects My Commercial Roofing Remodel Costs?

Remodeling your commercial roof is a great way to give your business a fresh look. But the costs can vary greatly based on the decisions you make. Here's a look at some of the biggest factors that will affect pricing for your commercial roofing remodel. 

Your Roof's Current Condition

Before you even get started with your roofing remodel, your roofing contractor may need to do some work to get your roof's surface to ground zero. If you have structural problems with the roof, then the materials may need to be stripped away and scaffolding put in place. Sometimes, old shingles need to be stripped away to create a level foundation. Other times, new roofing materials can be put right over the existing surface of the roof. 

Type of Roofing Materials

The material costs will be a big portion of your commercial roof pricing. The situation often gets complicated, because the cheapest materials to install may not be the cheapest over the long haul. The traditional flat roofing materials that you see on many commercial buildings today is a combination of synthetic materials (including form and epoxy materials) that's designed to be durable and low-maintenance. It's not always the cheapest cost upfront, but it can save you time in maintenance. 

There are other, lower cost materials, such as asphalt shingles; these may give your office more of a residential feel, however. Wooden roofs or heavy slate materials can also be popular for new commercial roofs. Green roofs are a sustainable option that may be expensive to install, but it can have a positive impact on your heating bill. While there are no absolute comparisons for which is the best and cheapest roofing material, your commercial roofing contractor should be able to walk you through several options and do a cost-benefit analysis over the long term. 

The Roof's Structure 

The surface structure of your roof will also matter greatly to your roofing contractor. Before they can give you a good estimate on your roofing costs, they will need to look at the surface to see how even it is, how many breaks are on the surface, and the slope of the surface. Each of these factors can affect the time it takes to do a quality commercial roofing job. And if you need a quick turnaround on your roofing remodel, then the cost can go up even further because additional roofers may be needed to do a careful remodel. 

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