Finding The Point Of Entry Of A Water Leak On A Shingled Rooftop

If you have noticed water dripping into your home, there is a good chance there is a problem stemming from the shingle roof where damage is allowing moisture to get through. Finding the area where water is getting underneath shingles can be a tedious task as it could be a very small hole allowing moisture in. Here are some tips you can use to find the area in need of repair so you can stop the leak effectively.

Note The Area Where Water Is Dripping

Before you get up on your roof to look for the point of entry of moisture, it is important to note where the water is getting in from the inside of the home. If water is dripping down an interior wall, there is a chance your gutter system is contributing to the leak. Cleaning it out may effectively stop water from pushing underneath the bottom layer of shingles on your home. If the water is getting inside at an area near a skylight or vent, you may need to change the flashing and caulk along the edges of these items to keep moisture from making its way inside.

Enlist Help From A Friend To Watch The Ceiling

Finding a leak is best done with help from another person. This person should stay in your home to watch the ceiling as you conduct a test on the rooftop to see when water makes its way to the interior of the home. Use a garden hose to saturate a portion of the roof opposite the vicinity where water had previously been noticed coming inside. This should be started at the bottom of the rooftop. After wetting the roof for five minutes or so, move the garden hose up a foot higher, vertically. Repeat the process. When water is seen coming into the home, have your helper indicate this to you so you can further investigate the shingles in this area of the rooftop for damage. 

Do An Extensive Evaluation Of The Approximate Leak Area

After you find an approximate area for where the leak is stemming from, peel back the shingles in this area to check the appearance of the underlying wood and roofing paper. If you notice molding or saturated wood in this area, the shingles above it will need to be replaced with new ones to fix the leaking problem. It is a good idea to replace the shingles around the wet area as well, to ensure the broken shingle is replaced. If you notice any shingles with crumbled portions or rips in their structure, they should be removed and replaced as well.

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